๐ŸคบPreparation for Battle

Arm Your Weapons, Degens.

The preparation for the great Tribal War between the Protos, Evos, and Neos is underway. The tension between the Tribes has been building for years, and now the time has come for a decisive battle.

The Protos, rooted in their traditions and wisdom, have been preparing for this moment for a long time. They are determined to defend their way of life and preserve the peace they have created. They are gathering their forces, sharpening their weapons, and honing their skills, ready to face any challenges that lay ahead.

The Evos, on the other hand, are eager for the battle. They see it as an opportunity to prove their strength and assert their dominance over the other Tribes. They train relentlessly, honing their skills and developing new tactics to give them an advantage in the coming conflict.

The Neos are caught in the middle. They understand the importance of the battle and the consequences of losing, but they also see the devastation that could come with a prolonged war. They too, are preparing for battle, but they are also working on a plan that could bring peace to the Tribes and end the conflict before it begins.

As the preparations continue, the three Tribes are each locked in their own battles, preparing for the war that would soon determine their future.

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