๐ŸŽฎGame Development

Feb 21, 2023

We are very excited to announce that we are teaming up with a collective of game developers! By getting support from 11 additional devs, we will bring the Knittables to the next step and push the limits a little more!


We have built a strong partnership with them over the past months, as they had helped us experimenting in UE when developing the core concept of the Knittables. Their extensive knowledge in coding (python, C, C++ and Rust) will allow us to experiment with new things and set new goals.

We will also profit from their game development core activity to bring the Knittables to the next level. Talking about levels, the first step will be working to develop game concepts that are realistic, fun and relevant. The goal wonโ€™t be working towards the next AAA game, but rather about building something that can serve the purposes of web3 activities, while leaning towards bridging to web2 by offering something accessible to people outside of this space.

While the possibilities are limitless, we have to keep in mind that creating a game requires tremendous resources and that the path we will define needs to stay relevant and flexible. We will set a development in phases that will allow us to work in steps while reaching milestones. From lobby access, to minigames and PvP, to world exploration, hold on tight to your NFTs, the future is coming!


They will also work with us to build a series of custom bots for our discord, that will bring a unique discord experience for the Knittables holders. In the past we truly had struggles with external bot solutions, on which we had very little control for debugging and improvements. The past weeks have been very frustrating for us as we were very limited in what we could implement and create with existing solutions, so we have decided to take it down, start from scratch and create a solution that we allow brand new Discord dynamics for NFT Projects and creators. Once again, we will use the Knittables as a experimentation stage and will try to push the space forward!

Pushing The Boundaries

Last but not least, they will help us improve and increase the number of custom tools we use within our 3D pipeline and bring another layer of efficiency to creating 3D collections. Part of what we do is still manual and tedious, and with the right lines of code and the right workflow, there is a lot that could be automated in order to increase efficiency. Moar efficiency means moar time available, moar time available means moar project dev overall!

The Knittables need to be highly scalable, very versatile and accessible, if we want to conquer the hearts of many and this is what we are working on!

We are glad to have you on board, we told you that was only the beginning!


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