The Knittables

Team Overview

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  • wivarior [Co-Founder] Harvard graduate and entrepreneur with an extensive background in marketing and consulting.
  • v0xelator [Co-Founder] Award-winning VFX supervisor who has worked on high-end films and series, like Game of Thrones, Deadpool, Love, Death & Robots, and more.
  • ADCdsb [Co-Founder] VFX generalist who has worked for brands like Mercedes-Benz, TagHeuer, and others.
  • bivarior [Co-Founder] 3D artist/designer who has worked for brands like BMW, Hyundai, Mercedes-Benz and more.

Discord Team

  • Boppeddd [Head of Discord] He is responsible for managing the Knittables Discord server. He's an active member of ServerForge and brings more than 3 years worth of hands-on experience managing Discord servers both in and out of Web3, with a particular interest in security.
  • Bananaaa [Head Moderator] He is the bridge between community's sentiment and the core team's delivering.
  • Swedish Banana [Moderator] and first line of Discord defense - #1 most message sent in Knittables.
  • Spoderman [Moderator] Experienced mod with a passion for community and engaging with members. Pizza and music enthusiast.
  • Cbass [CM] Crafting the roadmap of content and deliverables, with more than 2 years of community experience. Cbass is making sure we're releasing information at a comfortable, engaging and exciting pace.


  • 2chab [Fullstack / Game Dev] - Cooperative Managing Director at Seedlers Interactive, currently assisting the team in game development and pipeline automation.
  • Tradefortendies [Blockchain Dev] - Web3 dev that loves to build on Solana and other chains. Previous experience includes auditing & writing smart contracts/code for projects like MonkeDAO, Cets on Creck, Hydra, YAWWW and many more.