The Knittables


Frequently Asked Questions
What is the benefit of holding a Knittable?
Besides holding one of the most complex and highest-quality 3D NFTs on SOL, holders get access to different types of benefits from each partnership we're working on. NFT drops, access to ecosystems in and outside of the SOL space, other projects & more.
With all partnerships, one of our main goals is to integrate our holders as much as possible through our "holders first" approach.

Will there be snapshots in the future?

Yes, this is essential. Different snapshots with different utilities and different eligibility requirements will be taken in the future to be as inclusive and fair as possible.

What is the Yarn of Life?

The Yarn of Life is our upcoming utility NFT. The first utility will be: Yarn of Life holders that hold a Proto + Evo + Neo Knittable in their wallet can burn their Yarn of Life NFT to claim a free phygital. There will be other future utilities.

Will the Yarn of Life be tradeable?

Magic Eden is facilitating the drop with us, and the NFTs will be tradeable on marketplaces.

What are the plans for $YARN?

Our aim is that $YARN will always be integrated into our Discord as we firmly believe it's a great tool to provide value and reward engagement from active and involved Tribe members. We're thinking of ways to use it for other use cases as of now. More TBA.

What happened to the mint proceeds and royalties?

After paying out everyone that has worked with us pre-mint, the remaining funds have been transferred to our corporate wallet. Royalty Wallet: AAQRv2bNX4BmZpwbiQjooYXTB1JUez2qjQVn6CrgRqMZ Corporate Wallet: 6kksi2mXfNRLtBRHKYrFeDUr75Lya4g9zB8bNqre9kMd Further information:
  • Founder proceeds are vested until June 2023.
  • We have staked 30k SOL from the corporate wallet to generate staking rewards which will be used for the development of the project.
  • Royalties as well as staking and liquidity pool rewards will be used for the development of the project.
  • We have converted SOL to USD for costs that we already know about (e.g., dev costs, physicals, taxes, etc.).
  • We are planning on converting some of our SOL to ETH to implement risk management and diversify our holdings.

Will the physical have the actual traits of the Knittables 3D NFTs?

No, as this would not be feasible to manufacture in large quantities. But, together with the feedback from our holders / community, we will make sure that the phygitals will be as cute and high-quality as possible.

Once we have access to the 3D model of the Knittables, will we be able to customize them?

The 3D file will be viewable and usable in 3D environments and look like your actual NFT (all traits, textures, etc.). As of right now, no customization of your Knittables NFTs is planned but we might introduce mechanics that will allow customization in the future.

How big are the phygitals?

Currently, the planned size is between 15-25 cm

How did you get the $BONK grant?

We are in touch with one of the founders and send over an integration proposal that states that we will make part of the phygitals purchasable with $BONK. This adds utility to the Bonk ecosystem. All received $BONK will be burned.

When do we get the $BONK?

We are planning to airdrop $BONK roughly at the same time as the Yarn of Life NFT airdrop.

Can physical Knittables be bought in a store in the future?

As of right now, you will either be able to burn your Yarn of Life to claim your phygital or purchase it with $BONK. Regarding future developments: Together with Cupcake, we are working on onboarding new people through selling phygitals. One idea we will be working on is to put some of the Knittable phygitals in Solana Spaces offline stores to enable new people to interact with them.