The Knittables

The Tribal War

Get ready, the Tribal War is coming!
In a world of ancient magic and mythical creatures, the Knittables, beings woven from tight-knit threads and bonded by unbreakable soul connections, lived in peace for centuries. Three tribes, Proto, Evo, and Neo, coexisted in harmony and minded their own business for the most part. Recently, rumors have whispered about a precious resource embedded in the land of the Proto: The Sacred Rock of Destiny.
The Sacred Rock of Destiny is said to be a mysterious and powerful artifact revered by the Protos. It is said to have been created in the early days of their world, crafted from the very essence of their being. Some Knittables believe that the Sacred Rock holds immense power and the key to future prosperity and success. The Rock was said to pulse with an inner light and energy that could only be perceived by those who were in its presence.
Since these rumors are spreading throughout the Tribes of the Evos and Neos, the Rock starts to become highly sought after by all three Tribes, as they all believe that it might be the key to unlock the full potential of their world and the Knittables. Each Tribe had their own interpretation of what the Sacred Rock represented and what it could do for them, but one thing was for certain - whoever possesses it, might hold an immense amount of power and influence.
Despite its importance, the exact functions of the Sacred Rock remained shrouded in mystery, and only the bravest and most worthy of the Protos are allowed to approach it. The Rock is the centerpiece of the Proto village and has been the source of much fascination and wonder throughout ages.
As time passed, tensions began to rise as the risk-taking Evos sought to get closer and closer to the Rock, believing it holds the key to prosperity and domination.
The Protos, the wise and elder of the Tribes, did not share this vision, and the Neos, seeking peace and harmony, understood that working against each other would only lead to destruction. As their differences grew, the Tribes found themselves on the brink of war, each unwilling to compromise their beliefs and way of life.
And so, the Tribal Wars begin - a conflict that will determine the fate of the Knittables and their world. The Protos are fighting for tradition and wisdom, the Evos for strength and dominance, and the Neos for progress and peace.
The outcome of the Tribal Wars is uncertain, but one thing is clear - the Knittables would never be the same again.