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Jul 5, 2022


Knittables are Moving to Solana!

The Knittables have decided to switch blockchains and will be minting the entire 10,000 Knittables NFT Collection on Solana.

One of the main reasons that led us to the decision to launch the Knittables on Ethereum, was to set a quality benchmark for 3D-animated NFTs while pursuing the success of some of the best-known projects on the Ethereum blockchain.

@BoredApeYC, @doodles, @moonbirds, @AzukiOfficial, @coolcatsnft, and many more blue-chip collections have had an incredible influence on the culture and the entire crypto ecosystem as a whole. They have paved the way for new projects to dream big and aim for the stars. With Ethereum 2.0 around the corner, minting Knittables on ETH was a no-brainer for us.

We believe that Ethereum will live on as the OG blockchain for NFTs. After all, this is where the legendary @cryptopunksnfts live. In our opinion, Ethereum will continue to be a backbone of innovation in web3, and we canโ€™t wait to see what the future holds.

Nonetheless, we canโ€™t ignore the amazing growth and innovation of Solana and the incredible success of projects like @okaybears, @DeGodsNFT, @SolanaMonkeyBusiness, @DegenApeAcademy, and others. Itโ€™s safe to say that Solana NFTโ€™s are here to stay, considering the growth of daily active users, sales volume, or the sheer number of unique NFT holders.

Yet, the SOL ecosystem suffers from a lot of low quality โ€œpump and dumpsโ€, slow rugs and overpromises. We believe with Knittables, we can position ourselves as a market leader for exceptional 3D-animated art on Solana. On top of that, our community will benefit from Solanaโ€™s low transaction costs and very high network speeds. Gas fees (transaction costs) on Solana are a fraction of a penny and transactions are almost instantaneous. Furthermore, the Solana blockchain has one of the fastest growing development activity across web3.

For this reason, Knittables will have an even bigger impact on Solana and allow us to help push the space forward.

Besides switching blockchains, everything else will stay the same: the Knittables art, our mission, the team, the allocated OG and free mint spots, and our deep love for the Tribe. On top of that, we will open up our discord server very soon.

We are very excited about this decision as weโ€™re still very early in our journey and moving to Solana feels like the perfect move at the right time.

Keep tribinโ€™ ๐Ÿงถ

The Knittables Team

To all MetaMask users: Magic Eden (the biggest Solana marketplace for NFTs) has recently announced a new feature, that will allow Solana NFTs to be minted with ETH in your MetaMask wallet. Check it out: Magic Eden Product Update โ€” June 2022.

If youโ€™re not familiar with Solana or how to buy NFTs with the Phantom wallet yet, we recommend checking out this guide on YouTube by @CryptoGorillaYT.


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