The Knittables

Crystal Of Unity

The Crystal of Unity NFT is our partnership collection with the Chimpions
Collection Description:
Crystals of Unity were forged to unify the Knittables Tribe and offered to a close ally of the Knittables, the Chimpions. Through this offering, an unbreakable bond was formed between these two communities - empowering collectors, artists, and web3 creators. Legend has it that the holders of the CoU have access to immense and untold power. What wonders might you discover in your Crystal?
How was the collection created?
We partnered up with the Chimpions to create an exclusive partnership NFT collection with a collection size of 222 NFTs in total.
Chimpions received 153 mint tokens, Knittables received 69 mint tokens. Most of the mint tokens were distributed to our respective communities, we still hold a handful of the tokens for rewards and other mechanics for the Knittables community.
Royalties are split 50/50 with the Chimpions.
What are the perks from holding the NFT?
  • Receive a guaranteed mint spot for the Knittables mint per unlisted CoU token held in your wallet.
  • Receive a Yarn of Life per unlisted CoU token held in your wallet.
  • Receive a $BONK airdrop per unlisted CoU token held in your wallet.
  • Future perks: TBA (there will be future perks 😉)