Let's moove!

To bring a Knittable to life, everyone will be able to use the platform called Mixamo. It is a collection of human motion captured data that can be applied to the Knittables made available to the public.

All .fbx files can be downloaded here. Find your Knits by selecting the corresponding file. For example Knittables#5960 would be folder 5690.

All folders contain the following:

  • Plain colourless Knits, as seen in the tutorial below, in the fbx folder.

  • Base colour Knits in the fbx_colour folder, exactly the same as above but ideal for a quick preview without going further into manipulating the files

Afterwards, head over to the Mixamo website, log in using your Google or Adobe account, head over to the right and click on the โ€œupload characterโ€ button. A new window pops up, click on select a file, or drag and drop the FBX file of your Knittable and give it a minute to process.

Once done, you will be able to select an animation of your liking, tweak a few settings and once you are happy with the result, download the file to your computer. When downloading the .fbx file, make sure to select โ€œwith skinโ€ in the options - that will ensure that you are downloading the animation with the geometry and not only the animation data itself.


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