๐ŸชถSoft Staking

Get $YARN For Every Knittable In Your Wallet!

Get yourself some $YARN !

Our brand new customized bot for soft staking will take care of you! No more claim or redeem button to collect $YARN, everything will be done automatically on a daily basis.

What you need to do is only hold a Knittables NFT in your wallet. As soon as it is on your wallet and unlisted, you will receive your daily dose of $YARN!

You will be able to spend your $YARN in the Tribal Merchant's newly developed store, more info here!

Primary Dynamics:

  • Each Knittables NFT gets 20 $YARN per 24h

  • Each Crystal of Unity gets 60 $YARN per 24h

  • Each Legendary NFT gets 30 $YARN (so 20 base reward + 30 for legendary = 50 $YARN per 24h)


The bonuses are based on the total held NFTs:

  • Soaked Cotton role (between 3 and 5 NFTs) gets an additional 10 $YARN (so primary dynamics + bonus)

  • Heavy Threads role (between 6 and 14 NFTs) gets an additional 20 $YARN (so primary dynamics + bonus)

  • Golden Threads role (between 15 and 49 NFTs) gets an additional 40 $YARN (so primary dynamics + bonus)

  • Tribal Elder role (50+ NFTs) gets an additional 100 $YARN (so primary dynamics + bonus)

Simply check which bonus you are eligible for by checking your discord role!


You will be able to participate in quests and will receive $YARN for your participation. More to come soon!

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