The Knittables

The Tribal Merchant

The Tribal Merchant is the heart of the Knittables' Discord ecosystem.
In this section, you will find everything you need to understand and use the Tribal Merchant Store and the $YARN currency.

Why was the Tribal Merchant gone?

The Tribal Merchant has had a very long journey. In the past, as you may know, we used an external bot to provide the store and the $YARN currency. As an external bot by design, both our team and community discovered some issues:
  • Several Downtimes.
  • No full customization.
  • Impossible to know if it will still be available over time.
With this statement, we decided to do it the Knittables' way: build the ultimate discord currency bot! Thanks to our developers, we were able to design and tune to our needs a powerful bot that relies on our own infrastructure servers.

The new Tribal Merchant: The Knittables Engine 2.0

With this fully customizable bot, we are capable of implementing basically everything we require for a complete currency ecosystem.
Here are the main features of our New Tribal Merchant bot for the store and the users:
  • Show items
  • Buy items
  • Show help commands
  • Register for $YARN
  • Show $YARN balance
  • Automatic $YARN distribution via soft staking snapshots
The new Tribal Merchant is the ultimate discord tool for any Web3 project.
Its powerful database is linked to our custom snapshot tool and allows dynamics that have never been offered before! It will allow us to connect the best of every world and improve the user experience overall.
Learn everything you need to know about our bot and the Tribal Merchant in the following sections!
Last modified 10mo ago