The Knittables

The Knittables Legend

Learn more about the Knittables origin and what they are about!
We do not know when and where the Knittables were seen first… Tales, passed down from one generation to the next, suggest that their discovery must reach back to the earliest days of mankind.
Some say they are barely taller than a mouse. Some say they are as tall as a puppy. One thing is for certain, they exist and have been seen on many different occasions. Some worship and consider them as holy creatures, whispering their prayers through the night. Others fear them and believe that they are evil beings, flinching in horror when they hear about their yarns. Could that be because of the way they look? Nobody knows for sure, as they all seem to be unambiguously different.
To this day, it is not clear where the Knittables really came from and what their purpose might be. Legend has it that they were born from connections between souls and that their bodies, and the tight-knit thread that composes them, solely rely on an intangible strong inner bond originating from inseparable soul connections.
The elders agree that their story must have started on earth and their sightings encompass locations ranging from the deepest forests, highest mountains, and driest deserts to raging oceans all over our planet.
Following recent events, an entire Knittables tribe large enough to conquer the blockchain has been discovered.
Are you brave enough to look for them? Choose your Tribe!
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