The Knittables

Solana Spaces

Knittables x Solana Spaces
We partnered with Solana Spaces ( for their NFT drop program by creating a custom 1/1 Knittable that was airdropped for free to 19,252 individual Solana wallets.
The Drop
My name is Knitamus Decimus Meridius, Commander of the Army of the Loom, General of the Knit Legions, and loyal Servant to the True Emperor Yarnus Aurelius.
We are planning on cooperating with Solana Spaces in the future as well and will explore providing phygital versions of our Knittables to their offline stores in Miami / NYC / and more!
Metaverse integration:
  • Holders will be able to play with this NFT on the Degen Royale island:
Marketplace Link:​
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