๐ŸฉธPhase 3: Fierce Retaliation

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As the battle rages on, the Protos, Evos, and Neos all suffer significant losses. What was once a harmonious and joyous world of the Knittables has become a battle-scarred land painted with grief and agony, a shell of its former self, torn apart by the Tribal Wars. The Protos have always been fierce keepers of tradition and hold great wisdom. They refuse to let the other Tribes destroy their way of life and the traditions they practice so proudly. So far, they have held strong. The Protos won the last major battle but took major losses, as the old saying goes: โ€œThey may have won that battle but who will win the war?โ€ The Evos, who seek power and domination, have suffered by far the greatest losses in the battle. Their demand for power and control has cost them dearly yet still, they refuse to back down. Even through this pain, they continue to launch relentless attacks against their enemies. They are using every weapon at their disposal and every tactic they have learned in their quest for victory. The Neos, a tribe focused on compassion and invention, are now caught in the thick of the conflict. Trying their best to minimize the damage caused by the war, but they are finding it increasingly difficult to remain neutral. Their losses are mounting and the anguish of seeing their own injured and killed has pushed them into a corner they canโ€™t back out of peacefully. Despite their best efforts, the Neos find themselves drawn into the battle. They are forced to retaliate against the other tribes in order to protect their own interests. The Neos, although peaceful at heart, are forced into fighting against those they once considered their closest allies, driven by the will to survive and bring an end to the conflict. The battle has reached a point at which no side can give more, no one has much more they can give or lose. All of the Tribes, even the Evos, sense that it is no longer just a battle for control but a battle for survival. The air is heavy with the sounds of battle as well as the overarching feeling of what they have collectively caused. The Knittables fight with all their might, although it's hard to tell if it's a battle for control or survival. The Fierce Retaliation phase of the Tribal Wars will come to be known as the most devastating of them all. Huge losses are felt by all. The losses are considered too great for some and the idea of life after the battle is one of uncertainty. The world is plunged into dark times, the darkest the land will ever see. The outcome of the war remains uncertain, but one thing is clear: the Knittables will never be the same again.

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