ADCdsb is currently working as a freelancer in the content creation industry. His past experiences and curiosity enabled him to handle different jobs within the scope of content creation.


  • ADCdsb is a visual effects generalist with over a decade of experience in advertising.

  • At Knittables, he is responsible for the overall direction of the collection and the visuals associated with it. He is also involved in strategic decision-making and top-level management.

Professional Experience:

ADCdsb has worked as a freelancer in the content creation industry. His past experiences and curiosity enabled him to handle different jobs within the scope of content creation. You can find him on productions endorsing the role of a cameraman, an editor, a VFX artist and/or 3D generalist.

A decade ago, ADCdsb started as a producer and switched to working as a cameraman in film and photo productions. After a few years, he became heavily involved in post production as an editor for commercials and advertising. Over time, he started to dive into the field of visual effects and working in the 3D industry which turned into his passion.

The quality of his work and his ambition enabled him to work for a large number of clients, ranging from some of the most popular car brands like Mercedes-AMG, Volkswagen, BMW and Mini, to luxurious hotels, fashion brands, music videos, and other companies & brands.


After obtaining a bachelor in languages and economics, I moved abroad to start working as a producer under the lead of Wivarior, who was project manager in an advertising agency back then. After that, I started getting involved in the productions as a photographer and videographer, to then become a freelancer in these areas. Soon enough I discovered the power of post-processing and from post-processing 2D images in photoshop, I went into post-processing 3D content in The Foundry Nuke. Along the way, I had the pleasure of getting to know V0xelator who initiated me to the joys of 3D creation. There is no end to learning, and this is what motivates me to go every day a little bit further!


  • Digital Compositing

  • 3D Tracking

  • Camera Operating

  • Video Editing

  • Producing

  • 3D Generalist

  • Project Management

Why do you do what you do?

  • Being very curious by nature, I like to explore different paths and understand what happens around me. I like fitting into my environment and working towards a common greater good. I believe in hard work and pushing boundaries, starting with my own. Life is full of beautiful opportunities, it is up for each one of us to do what it takes to seize them. I have been in crypto since 2017 and in NFTs since 2021. I have always believed in the values and opportunities these new technologies had to offer, and I want to try to bring my stone to the edifice by offering my time and skills to our project.

Why Knittables?

  • When we first got together to create an NFT project, we felt frustrated to see how pretty much anything would sell out in seconds during the last bull market and we thought that can't be it, there needs to be more to it and there is a general lack of quality in what is being offered. We are professionals from our industries, and top-notch managing and content creation is what we thrive on. We went through dozens of ideas before settling on the Knittables. Furthermore, we loved these little knitted creatures that had the fundaments to become something bigger. Why knitted? Because we wanted a meaningful metaphor between each member of the community and what constitutes a Knittable. They can only exist if the community believes in them, and thus, with the power of the dreams, each community member is a little fiber that will holds the Knittables together, just like yarn does! We were also looking for something that had a backstory and enough substance to develop a lore around it. Though it isn't our main priority right now, we have tons of ideas on where the Knittables path could lead, and we are truly excited about going down these paths. On top of having substance, we believe that there needs to be a bridge between web2 and web3. That being said, we had to find an original design, that would both be appreciated by web3 natives but also by people that have no relation at all with that space. While designing the Knittables, we very often went on and gathered feedback from our families and friends, until everyone would agree that these are โ€œcoolโ€ or โ€œdefinitely adorable!โ€. Knittables aims to be reach further than the tiny Solana bubble, and we will do our best to bring our vision to life! To the infinite and beyond!

What were some of the major learnings / challenges you encountered with Knittables?

  • The major challenges were obviously technical. Doing a project like the Knittables is neither easy nor straightforward. We knew we wanted these little creatures to be able to achieve anything down the line, and we had to develop workflows and work pipelines that would especially fit that purpose. We went through different approaches and improved it week by week until we had found something solid that we could use a base for our collection, but also for other collections! We based our work on non-destructive approaches, meaning that we would be able to go back in time anytime and change variables of the collection, without having to start over. As a matter of fact, we are now at the version 92 of the said pipelineโ€”still improving as the days go.

What is your future goal with Knittables?

  • Though we would love to do millions of things, we have to stay realistic in a way and focus on what we can achieve for now. As mentioned before, we believe there is a need for onboarding new people to that space, and we believe this will only be possible by simplification and education. By starting with a design that everyone can relate to or understand, I believe this will be the first step of how to catch interest from a bigger audience. Once this is achieved, we will aim at creating phygitals that will help better grasping the idea of what NFTs are and why everyone should know about it and use them. Depending on its success and the interest for them, we could even imagine creating an entire toy line based on the Knittables IP and also invade Toy R us! Our avatars will be integrated in as many games and metaverses as possible, with the ultimate goal to not only limit ourselves to web3 gaming, but also conventional gaming, that will help spread the Knittables IP and brand accross societies, platforms and cultures. Finally, the Knittables aims to become a service provider for 3D within the space. Our mission was to set new standards of quality for NFTs, but not only for our own collection! Part of our mission will be to help other projects and other creators to create appealing 3D visuals, without having to work with conventional web2 agencies that don't understand the NFT space, or work with teams of anons put together for that purpose, that have neither worked together in the past, nor have the ability to pull something like the Knittables. The Knittables was built on a very solid corporate base, and we have done everything needed to guarantee a bright future, even if government regulations were to hit the space and check the legitimacy of NFT projects. By focusing on external streams of incomes, we aim to turn the Knittables into a solid institution that has Solana has its home and starting point. The future can not be set today, it has to evolve together with the project, the opportunities around it and its community. Doing it the tight-knit way, together as a Tribe we stay!

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