Phygitals explained

What's a phygital ? A phygital is a physical item that bridges the gap between the physical and digital world (physical + digital = phygital).

How does this work? By integrating a NFC tag in each physical:

  • Each physical Knittable will carry a NFC tag

  • Each NFC tag can hold a NFT

  • Holders can mint the NFT on the NFC tag by tapping the tag with their NFC-enabled smartphone

  • Once the NFT is claimed, the NFT can be sent to any phantom wallet without needing to pay for gas fees (transaction fees)

How can you claim your phygital?

Once our shop is live and the phygitals are claimable, you will have two options to claim it:


  • Connect your wallet which has to hold a full set of Knittable NFTs (Proto + Evo + Neo) as well as a Yarn of Life.

  • Burn your Yarn of Life NFT to redeem your free phygital (shipping costs excluded)


  • Connect your wallet which holds $BONK to pay with $BONK in order to claim your phygital (shipping costs excluded)

Find out more about BONK: https://www.bonkcoin.com/

Check out Yarn of Life on MagicEden: https://magiceden.io/marketplace/yol

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