The Knittables


Knittables x Dialect - in-app NFT sticker packs!
Dialect is an app for rich, interactive mobile messaging and notifications for web3. We have partnered with Dialect to create in-app NFT stickers for their messaging app:
Knittables x Dialect x MagicEden
Our first step was cooperating with Dialect & MagicEden. We created a NFT sticker pack which was given out through the new MagicEden loyalty rewards program.
Once live for minting, this sticker pack will contain 5 custom Knittables stickers that holders will be able to use in the Dialect messaging app once minted.
Knittables x Dialect
As we believe in Dialect as a new means of messaging in web3, we have leveled up our cooperation and created a custom Knittable sticker pack for Dialect which will be given out to Knittable holders only.
This pack will include even more custom Knittable stickers than the one for MagicEden 👀!
Currently, every Knittable holder can claim their pack through this form:
Dialect has also recently expanded to Android:
Disclaimer: Dialect is working with the cutting-edge team at Metaplex/Solana Labs to bring you this unique NFT experience, using the latest compressed NFT standard. So, it may be a few weeks before you can mint the NFTs.