๐ŸชจThe Sacred Rock

Feb 27, 2023

The Sacred Rock, at the heart of the Proto village, has been a source of peace and strength.

However, some Tribe members have lately been feeling a puzzling energy around it. The cause of this remains unknown, leaving the Tribe to wonder about what could be causing the change...

Since the rumors of the Sacred Rock's strange energy have quickly spread throughout the Tribes of the Evos and Neos, the Rock starts to become highly sought after by all three Tribes, as they all believe that it might be the key to unlock the full potential of their worlds.

Old tales and forgotten rituals surround the Sacred Stone, known only to the Protos. Uncover the truth behind this ancient artifact and become part of the Tribal Elders who might shed some light into this mystery...

Join the Tribe and get a chance at winning an exclusive price that will provide access to the highest tier of access to information about the Knittables.

Fear is rising among the Tribes as something has been awakened that goes far beyond anything any ancient Knittables can recall.

A Proto oracle has observed new inscriptions on the Sacred Rock : "Whoever wants to acquire the power of the Elders, let this prophecy guide you -... .-. .- -.-. . / -.-- --- ..- .-. ... . .-.. ...- . ... 2345 125 15 2345 1235 24 12 1 123 2456 1 1235 102 111 114 32 116 104 101 32 115 97 99 114 101 100 10 ebpx vf pbzvat"

Solve the riddle, head over to channel โ“โ”ƒproto-riddle, and acquire the knowledge of the ancients. There can be only one winner!

Note: Each word needs to be capitalized

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