The Knittables


Knittables x Cupcake
What is Cupcake ? Cupcake is a web3 company that aims to bridge the gap between physical and digital world thanks to Phygitals. With an NFC tag in the physical item, they can tie an NFT to the said physical item that can be used for authentication, ticketing, special discounts and even loyalty programs. Why Cupcake ? Cupcake is a 100% web3 company on Solana, which is why it fits our values best and expresses how we want to support and push this space forward with the Knittables. Moreover, the NFTs linked to the NFC tag can be minted through the Cupcake smartphone application. No gas fees or crypto knowledges are needed to do so, thus helping onboard new people to the web3 space.
NFT mint through Cupcake
Their platform being built on Solana and being web 2 users friendly makes it a perfect fit regarding our core values as much as a benefit for holders having the web2 world have its first steps in our web3 universe through the Knittables. Find out more on their website